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Moultrie Prepares for Christmas Canopy with LED Lights

10 Nov, 2016

When we think of Christmas in Moultrie, we envision the beautiful canopy of lights that drapes from the top of the Colquitt County Courthouse throughout nine blocks Downtown.  It’s magical, breathtaking, and brings a sense of unity and joy to us all.

Traveling through time, we find mention of “lights” all the way back to the 1940s.  As we understand, back then the canopy was only four strands that extended from the courthouse.   It was a symbol of welcoming the troops home from war.  Today, there are over 7,000 lights that illuminate our beautiful downtown during the Christmas season.

Special events are planned around the lights including the award-winning “Lights! Lights! Thanksgiving Night,”  the event where Santa arrives to help light the magnificent display.  There are gasps, cheers, and clapping.  It’s one of the most exciting nights of the year.

Bringing the canopy of lights to life begins in October.  The City of Moultrie’s Utility Team works to check thousands of bulbs before hanging them.  Once that task is complete, the team begins hanging guidewires to help hold the lights.  The first strand of lights is usually attached during the first or second week in November.

This year we will again experience the gasps and cheers as the lights appear on Thanksgiving Night.  The canopy of lights will continue to blanket downtown, but the lights will be slightly different.  This year all the canopy lights have been replaced with LED bulbs.  The new lights will be the same shape, but they will be more energy-efficient, more durable, longer lasting and more vibrant in color.

So where are the old bulbs?  The old bulbs have been transformed into ornaments and are available to the public to purchase for $8 each.  The proceeds from the light bulb ornament sales will help pay for the transition to LED bulbs and Downtown Moultrie enhancements.  There are a limited number of ornaments available.  They are available now at the Moultrie Main Street Office, 120 N. Main St., and at the City of Moultrie Utility Department on First Avenue Southeast, and they will also be available at The Lights! Lights! Event Thanksgiving Night in the Information Tent that will be located on the east side of the Square.  Shipping is available for an extra shipping and handling cost.
Join us Thanksgiving Night in Downtown Moultrie at 6 p.m., as we witness the magical canopy of lights come to life.
For more information contact The Main Street office at 890-5455.

UPDATE: The old bulbs are SOLD OUT.